about sol y luna


Sol y Luna is a calligraphy and design studio in Fort Worth, Texas that opened up in the Spring of 2018. We specialize in custom stationary, calligraphy, and signage, but always welcome new opportunities! We have a passion for the smaller details because we believe it is what makes life truly special and unique! Whether you are in need of a wedding suite, shower invitations, or a custom sign, we cannot wait to bring those small details to life for you! Check out some of our past work and contact us today for more information on our services!



When we first started dreaming up Sol y Luna we wanted to make sure that it served and blessed others. That's why each month part of your purchases go toward a donated workshop or service to a local non-profit serving the people of Fort Worth! In the past, we have donated calligraphy workshops to women's groups, donated calligraphy pieces, and even donated stationary goods for non-profit events. We have a passion to leave Fort Worth a little better than when we came and it is a privilege to partner alongside these organizations, contributing our gifts to bless their work. 

meet the team


The hands behind the work, Maria is our head designer. She has a love for all things calligraphy and lettering. You can always find her in the wee hours of the night getting her hands dirty with an ink and nib. She loves to push creative limits and go beyond the boundaries of traditional calligraphy and design. She's a fan of the smaller details, always wanting to add those small touches to make things truly unique and special!  


If it weren't for Andrew pushing Maria, Sol y Luna would have never happened. He is our biggest cheerleader and pioneer, without him we would be lost. He is also our head proofreader and financial consultant. 


Sweet Simone! She is the head of our quality control and HR departments. If it cannot make it past her toddlerhood-ness then it is not good enough for us! You can often find her at the feet of her mama as she works away or in the next room snoozing. She also keeps all of us joyful and grounded with her snuggles and smiles! 


The head of our night-time crew. Our pup Ryder, keeps Maria company as she works away at night. Always ready to give encouragement with puppy snuggles and kisses!